Tuesday, May 25, 2010

See ya Soon

So I am going out of town for a couple weeks, obviously I won't be cooking anything. So the posts will be slim! But keep trying the recipes! I am leaving you all with a new granola bar recipe that I just love! Its totally my new favorite. I got it from a blog a friend told me about called the smittenkitchen.com. (not all healthy, but some GREAT recipes)

My husband even loved the bars! The only thing is they were slightly dry, and had a hard time staying together. I may add a little oil, or slightly more honey (or agave) next time. But they were YUMMY! The recipe would also make GREAT granola! We were actually throwing the bars in a bowl with milk!
The key is coarse Kosher Salt - this made for a great sweet/salty taste.
I used blueberries, currants, and pureed dates (a very sweet fruit) for the dried fruit. YUM!
I also added some ground flaxseed, and sunflower seeds, just to sneak in some more healthiness. :)
The perfect snack for the airplane!
You can get the recipe HERE

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