1) What sweeteners do you use?
I believe in as natural as possible! My favorite sweetener is Dates. I chop them, soak them and puree them (date honey), use Date Sugar, and blend them in my smoothies. You can't get more natural than that! I occasionally use Raw Honey or Brown Rice Syrup. If I am on a sugar free kick, I do a little Stevia (powder and drops) and xylitol. Even Stevia is processed though. So staying as close to nature as possible is my goal!

2) Where do you get your ingredients??
This is a hard one. I buy most of my pantry in the bulk bins at Sprouts, Good Earth (Utah), and Whole Foods. (Oats, cacao nibs, unsweetened coconut, almond flour, spelt flour, raw trail mix, etc) Some grocery stores carry bulk bins. Many grocery stores have health food sections, so always check them! Amazon is also a great resource. I buy date sugar, puffed brown rice, brown rice syrup, Raw Protein Powder, Green Grass Super food, and a lot more from amazon. (check out my links on the side)

3) All the "Fad Diets" are so confusing!
This is so true! I definitely get wrapped into them as well. I think there is a balance between "staying up to date" and "yo-yo dieting." Its important to make lifestyle changes. ANYTIME you can get away from anything that is processed (in the least bit) you will be better off and feel more amazing. My advice? Get as much raw veggies as possible, small amounts of clean grass fed meat/dairy, eat healthy fats, and sip on water only - you will benefit! I PROMISE!

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