Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Favorites of 2014!

Sorry for the Hiatus! The holidays are a serious CrAzY time of year! But after falling off the bandwagon a little, I am bound and determined to start this new year off right! 
SO here's to some new yummy recipes on the way!! 

And just to re-cap a little:
Favorites of 2014!

1) The most amazing GRAIN FREE Chocolate Chunk Cherry Almond Cookies!

 Good enough for ANYONE! Delectable and melt in your mouth amazing!
Try them TONIGHT! 

2) My most favorite snack of all time right now! Activated Nuts!
They are soaked and slowly dry roasted to increase nutrients and minerals, and leave a yummy crunchy taste! WIN - WIN in my book!

3) The Easiest 5 Minute snack you'll ever make!!

4) Another Yummy favorite. The flavors are soo yummy and the hint of basil, makes such a yummy twist. Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free
Serve this for breakfast for guests!